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Our home base in Fairfield County, Connecticut, is full of museums that make learning seem less than learning. Children will love the extensive collection of animals, plants and animals from all over the world. It includes a farm, an educational trail that wanders through mixed deciduous forests and meadows, and a museum with a variety of interactive exhibits.

In spring, summer and early autumn, the museum offers guided tours of the John Dodd Hat Shop. At this Connecticut museum, you can take a trip back in time on an authentic train, draisine or even a riverboat. Take a tour of cars and museums across the country, and on select weekends, museum guests can serve vintage cars while receiving special instruction.

The concert park regularly hosts various arts and performances, and we recommend you check out the programs before visiting Danbury. The city of Danbury is home to a variety of museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, hotels and more. There are many opportunities to explore all participating museums and institutions in the city, as well as some of the above museums. Staying at Hotel Zero Degrees gives you free access to all of these, but we recommend that you check out the various art and performance programs during your stay in Danburg.

New York City is also home to the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum, as well as a number of other museums and galleries.

The museum also owns and maintains the Charles Ives Birthplace on Mountainville Avenue. The Danbury Savings Bank is headquartered on Main Street, and several historic buildings, including the old savings and loan building, the Ive-Ived House, are preserved in their original condition.

After the Metro-Nordbahn closed its Danbury stops to build more modern ones, the museum devoted itself to railway history and restored the stops itself. In addition to an impressive collection of historic trains, it houses one of the only surviving railway turntables in the United States, as well as a replica of a locomotive.

It contains many other historical artifacts and exhibits documenting the history of Danbury, also known as the "Hutstadt." Located in downtown Danburys, the museum preserves the remains of the city's first town hall, Ives Hall, as well as other historic buildings. It is the only museum of its kind in Connecticut and one of only a handful of museums in Connecticut.

The architecture and outstanding regional furniture collection will be combined with Gertrude Jekyll's Garden to create the largest collection of its kind in the United States.

The Museum and Nature Center of Stamford is dedicated to educating children and preserving the natural environment in the Stamford area. Many of EverWonder's permanent exhibits are designed to engage, educate and engage children through creative play.

Located at the former New Haven and Hartford Railroad site in Stamford, Connecticut, the museum offers a unique opportunity to restore the rolling stock of one of Connecticut's most famous railroad lines. Inside the air-conditioned station, the museum offers great orientation videos showing the mighty New Haven & Hartford Railroad, transporting both passengers and cargo. The train journey takes 20 minutes from the farm and shows the history of the railway from its origins to its last days of operation.

The Trolley Museum is part of the Connecticut Fire Museum, which houses a large collection of historic firefighting equipment. The museum was acquired in 1957 when the museum grounds were moved to the lower main street. In the 1950s and 1960s, it acquired the former New Haven & Hartford Railroad Ives Street station and built Huntington Hall, where many of its exhibits are exhibited. HuntingtonHall is a modern exhibition building with changing exhibition rooms, a museum hall and an exhibition hall for special events.

The museum campus at the intersection of Main Street and Ives Street in downtown Danbury, Connecticut, consists of five buildings.

The AMC Theater in Danbury is the largest multiplex in the city and has 16 auditoriums in one venue with a capacity of more than 1,000 people per screen.

If you don't have anything important to do in Danbury, you can spend the day hiking along the route, or simply hop on the Northern Railway subway or drive to the Danbury Railway Museum if necessary. From Grand Central, you can catch the 4, 5, or 6 subway or take the S-Bahn shuttle to Times Square.

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More About Danbury