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According to a New York Times report, the Macy's parent is pushing Bloomingdale's department store out of 10 locations. New Jersey-based Macy's, the largest U.S. retailer by sales, has secured a lease to acquire the former Sears and Macy's as well as several other department stores in the area.

Primark leased the building, one of 235 properties that were spun off from Sears Holdings into Seritage Growth Properties in 2015. The former Sears, G. Fox's and Filene's department store in Danbury opened in the early 1990s and was taken over by L.L. Bean (from which L & L Bean was formed), which closed in 1993 and was converted into Filne's and then Sears-G-Fox's in 1992.

Filene's was split into Filene's, L.L. Bean, Lord & Taylor and Forever 21 in the early 1990s. On August 2, 2020, it was announced that Lord and Taylor would close its Danbury Fair store and close 38 stores nationwide as part of the $1.5 billion acquisition of Lord & Taylor, and on August 1, 2019, the day after Lord + Taylor announced it would close its store at its former Filne location, it plans to close 19 stores nationwide. In June 2018, 111 stores nationwide closed, and 21 closed their "Danbury - Fair" store on the site.

On February 18, 2020, it was announced that the opening date for the new Lord & Taylor store at the former Filne's site in Danbury had been reached, but no opening date was announced. On February 17, 2019, the location of a new L.L. Bean store on Filene's premises was officially announced as part of the $1.5 billion acquisition of Lord + Taylor.

The building would stand on an access road that leads into the shopping center's roadway and would cover an area of 22,000 square meters. The mall's anchor store is the former Filne's, which is scheduled to close in 2020, but H & M has leased a new store on the Filene's site in Danbury that will become the new Lord & Taylor store. Two other large vacancies are nearby: a former Toys' R 'Us and Babys' R 'Us and an old Sears store on the corner of Main Street and Main Street.

The spaces have changed over the years and can be converted into a hotel, office space, retail space or even an office building, but they have been changing for over a year. The area has changed over the year, it is changing and can be converted into either a hotel or a retail store, either as part of a shopping centre or as a building with a car park.

According to the Round1 website, they announced they would open a site in Danbury, and it would be the first in Connecticut. It will be located on the corner of State Street and Main Street in the old town of the city, south of the Connecticut River.

The shopping centre is particularly popular with children as it regularly sponsors many youth-oriented events and activities such as the Family Fun Night. In 2011, it was the site of the first ever long days of children's play at the Danbury Mall for children and their families. The shopping centre has always been and is particularly popular with children "because of its large number of young people - oriented events & activities that the shopping centre regularly promotes, such as family fun evenings and other events.

The mall was built by the Wilmorite Corporation on land previously used for the Danbury Fair, which paid the highest price ever for land in the Danbury area. The mall calls the event the "Danburys City Fair" because of the historic fair it has built on the site, but it has since renamed it "The Danburg Fair," following its original name, the Connecticut State Fair. It is built on the site where the shopping centre was once built as a site for historic fairness.

During construction, it emerged that two Wilmots had paid $60,000 in cash to the then mayor of Danbury, James Dyer, sometimes hidden in newspapers. Lawyers and other city officials portrayed the managers as willing to do anything to build the mall. During the construction work, it was revealed that they had paid him in cash.

In January 2007, the Danbury Fair began its interior renovation, which was completed in spring 2008. The shopping center received a new stone - a brick-style floor that replaced the original brick - and - mortar floors, new lighting fixtures that replace the original globe - a light bulb lighting and a new carpet on the exterior walls and floors of the shopping center. It has undergone an interior and exterior renovation with new tiled floors, a redesign of the car park and garage, as well as the installation of new seating, lighting and other interior improvements.

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